Beijing, August 1 (Xinhua) - Next news about China is presented to be covered or persecuted by Xinhua on Monday:

Wire service:

-xi focus: Pla becomes a world-class military force under the leadership of XI

- Xinhua headlines: China strives to maintain the impulse of economic growth, pointing to the best possible results

- the heroin operation In the space of the mine he receives a medal of August 1 on August 1

- China approach: China enforces a new legislation to improve the conservation of black soil

- wonderful xinjiang: the population of critical amphibians rises stable in xinjiang

- Throughout China: a visit to the Hangzhou branch of the National National Publications and Culture Archives of China

<= "Margin: 0px 3px 15px">- throughout China: International trade cha nnels helps companies a Expand global businesses

-xinjiang sees growth in energy production in H1

- - driven by science fiction comedy, China's box office growth is accelerated in summer


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Image of Police clamp down on illegal fishing, mining
Police clamp down on illegal fishing, mining

The police have resolved more than 1,300 criminal cases that involve illegal fishing and sand mining in the Yangtze river basin and arrested 2,400 su

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