Venki Iyer (University jobs)

Venki Iyer (University jobs)

Nationality: Canadian

Location: Canada

Educational Background: University

Self Introduction

This Introduction Letter will outline my interest in relocating to China, and the reasons why I would be a strong fit for the position. China’s fascinating culture, landscape, technological advancements, and vibrant cities have always greatly interested me. My Father once visited Shanghai for a business trip, and he came back with rave reviews, highlighting how impressed he was with China’s unique architecture, disciplined culture, vibrant activities, and overall advancements. Many of my friends who have visited China have given similar reviews, and this has only further reinforced my interested in living in China. I am an avid traveler and greatly enjoy visiting unique places, meeting new people, and expanding my cultural horizons. The opportunity to live amongst a technologically advanced and vibrant people, visit intriguing cultural sites, all while helping advance the linguistic knowledge of the future generation are aspects of the role that I find highly desirable. All in all, these are the reasons why I would like to live and work in China. In addition, I greatly enjoy helping students learn, grow, and experience dramatic improvements in subject mastery. During my time as a High School Math & Science tutor, I always strived to ensure I was sufficiently prepared in the relevant subject material, whether it was through reading my old textbooks, perusing online resources, or taking practice questions on my own time. In addition, I consistently maintained a friendly, amicable relationship with all my students, and always patiently answered any questions or concerns. This dedication and preparation allowed me to successfully aid in improving student academic outcomes, and I will bring that same energy for this position. I appreciate your consideration, and hope to hear from you soon regarding next steps. Sincerely, Venki Iyer

Working Experience

In addition, I greatly enjoy helping students learn, grow, and experience dramatic improvements in subject mastery. Duri

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