The English educators attend, online and in person, the Chinese Assembly of Global Education of 2020, held from Friday to Sunday in Hangzhou, Province of Zhejiang and Beijing. China Daily English Language Education in China is of greater strategic importance, since the country is closer to the central stage in the global scenario, and Chinese English language educators should strive to nourish more talent with global competition, Experts said on Friday at an international. Conference.

As the period of 14 of five years (2021-25), next year, language educators should continue to promote opening in the educational sector and strengthen international cooperation and communication, experts said in The Chinese Assembly of Global Education of 2020, which adopted the topic "Cooperation and Learning for a Shared Future".

The three-day assembly that opened on Friday, online and offline in Hangzhou and Beijing, is hosted jointly by China Daily and the International Tesol Association based in the United States. TESOL means teachers from English to speakers from other languages.

Deborah Short, president of the International Tesol Association, said the Assembly has two objectives: promoting the scholarship and intercultural understanding among English educators in China, and improves dialogue among teaching professionals of the English language of China and his companions abroad.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic is still furious all over the world, the Assembly has led English educators around the world closer, he said.

English education serves as a bridge for China to understand the world and vice versa. China's English education has always been closely related to the development of the country and is an integral part of its national strategy, said Zhou Shuchun, editor and editor in chief China daily.

As China enters the new era, there have been extensive and profound changes in the relationship between the country and the world, so it is very important that the world has a clear understanding of a changing China , said.

Educators in English in the country should cultivate more international talents with a global perspective, high domain of English and a good domain of international rules to assume the responsibility of carrying out the great national rejuvenation, he said.

Educators must also strengthen communication and cooperation. With its counterparts in other countries and regions, as well as international education organizations to introduce the global experience to China and share the wisdom and solutions of the country with the world, she added.

Li Yansong, president of the University of International Studies of Shanghai, said there are higher requirements for China's English education in the new era. The Assembly offers an exchange platform in the upbringing of talents in foreign languages ​​and developing foreign language disciplines.

The English education sector in China should take the opportunity to increase communication and cooperation with the world and promote the modernization of English education, he said.

Gong Yafu, president of the National Association of Education in Foreign Language, said that, although the Covid-19 pandemic remains a common challenge for everyone, English educators around the world have expanded Cooperation with open arms and learned from each other in innovative ways.

Many renowned universities have opened the resources of the online library and free conferences presented by experts in the country and abroad have offered teachers in primary and secondary schools more opportunities to learn, he said .

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