A passenger prepares to scan your identification card at the South Hangzhou train station in Zhejiang province in February 2. Long Wei / Xinhua

E-tickets and food dispensing cabinets are relieving vacation trips

Although train trips are expected to fall during this year's spring festival due to the recent group of COVID-19 cases and the stimulus of the authorities so that people stay, rail operators They are still busy trying to provide safe and comfortable quality services for customers.

Spring Festival is the most important period for family gatherings in China and generally leads to great vacation traffic, and the trip rush is considered as the largest annual human migration in the world. In 2019, about 3 billion passenger travel was performed during the 40-day travel period, similar to the previous year.

However, this year is different. To stop a resurgence in the propagation of the novel Coronavirus, people have been urged to avoid unnecessary trips and stay where they live and work to celebrate the festival.

The festival begins on Friday this year. The 40-day travel race began on January 28 and will end on March 8, early travel statistics show that train trips this year have already been reduced compared to a year ago.

From January 28 to 30, the number of passenger trips decreased more than 70 percent year over year, according to the Hangzhoujobs.com/view-blog/559" target="_BLANK">China State Railway Group, the National Railway operator.

Easy tickets

Electronic tickets The stations throughout the country are available at most railroads, which has increased efficiency and service promoted that does not require human direct contact.

After buying an electronic ticket, travelers can scan their identification cards to board a train without the need for a paper ticket. Foreigners can use the same system to buy tickets, but they generally have to present their passports to staff members for verification.

At Nanjing South and Shanghai Hongqiao train stations, foreign passengers with an electronic ticket can scan your passports on a machine to board.

If travelers require paper tickets to reimburse the cost of the trip, they can use their identification cards to pick them up on the input machines or in the windows.

At the end of last year, electronic ticket services were in use at 2,878 train stations, which covered 99 percent of railway passengers, according to China's state railway group.

In June, Xi'an Railway Station updated its facilities to begin accepting and processing electronic tickets.

"Since the new installation was introduced, passengers no longer need to pick up paper tickets," said Zhang Yujing from the area's advertising office.

"time has been saved and the process has been reduced. After buying an electronic ticket, passengers can use their ID card to Board a train and chaining their destination. Under the measurements of epidemic control , the decrease in face-to-face contact makes passengers feel safer and more comfortable. "

Zhang said that in the past, after buying an electronic ticket, passengers generally had to pick it up. At the train station and then line up to see it verified on a ticket control door. During the peak periods, the passengers generally lined up and took at least five minutes to pass the door. "Now it takes a few seconds," she said.

Zhang Lin, who traveled from the train station of Xi'an to Yulin, Shaanxi Province, on February 2, said that the exploration of her identification card to board a train is a lot more convenient.

"In the past, I lined up to pick up paper tickets, aligned to enter the train station and align to pass a security control," she said.

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