Beijing, June 12 (Xinhua): Chinese parents are more importantly attached to physical education that their children receive at school, a recent survey carried out by youth has been demonstrated Daily

In the survey, 60.5 percent of the 1,513 parents think that more attention should be paid to physical education, while 51.9 said that both the amount and the PE quality Classes must be guaranteed.

When commenting on the eg of your children. Lessons, 50.6 percent of parents interviewed said e. The lessons are sometimes occupied by lessons of academic subjects.

SHI Dan de Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, believes that the physical education of her son is somehow overlooked at school.

"In PE classes, teachers simply let the children do a few turns and play," SHI said, proposing that team sports be included in PE Lessons so that all children actively participate in physical exercise.

Some parents interviewed also suggested improving the training of e. Teachers, holding more sports competitions at school and altering the physical education assessment system oriented to the examination. EndItem

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