Beijing, July 23 (Xinhua): Heavy rainfall is expected to be the western parts of the province of Henan devastated by Floods in Central China on Friday, while the typhoon Strong in FA is gaining strength and whipped east of China, according to the forecasts of the National Observatory.

Torrential rain has affected about 3 million people in the province, with 33 deaths reported and eight still is missing from 4 am on Thursday, authorities said local.

on Thursday, rain storms with up to 243 mm of rain hit Anyang, Jiaozuo and Nanyang in Henan province, also as parts of the Shanxi Provinces And Shaanxi, the National Meteorological Center (NMC), said on Friday.

Strong Typhoon In-FA, it is expected that this year's sixth typhoon landing in the coastal areas between the northern parts of the province of Zhejiang and the parties from the North of the Province of Fujian on Sunday, the N Mc forecast.

is moving northwest about 15 kilometers per hour and obtaining strength. The center of In-Fa was about 650 km from Xiangshan in Zhejiang at 10 am on Friday, with winds of up to 42 meters per second near the eye.

In- is expected to bring rain storms to the regions, including Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Anhui. EndItem

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