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Shanghai launched integral flood prevention measures on Sunday with more than 100,000 public officials and workers who fight on the first line with the support of the intelligent management system as the typhoon is coming in the FA.

The municipality maintained a second highest level of warning against the typhoon and a third level of warning against the rain storm on Sunday since issuing the alerts on Saturday afternoon.

The weather authority of the city said on Sunday that Sunday was expected that Typhoon would make an earthquake between the city of Zhoushan, the province of Zhejiang and Shanghai between mid-day and afternoon on Sunday.

Early Sunday morning, around 330,000 residents living in coastal areas of the city. , like the Fengxian district, it had been relocated as the force of the wind off the coast exceeded 100 km per hour. Thousands of sites were being used to accommodate these individuals.

A system of administration of the intelligent city, using a range of advanced technologies, including large data, artificial intelligence and 5g, was also playing its role in flood prevention.

The system equipped with the collection of multi-layered data and the Internet capabilities of the 16 districts and 215 subsidists enabled problems, including water records on roads and tunnels, which will be immediately seen and even before they are done.

All passenger flights at the two airports in the municipality were canceled on Sunday, the SHANGHAI airport authority said on Saturday. The ports in the municipality had evacuated thousands of vessels and container ships. More than 108,000 trees were strengthened with additional support.

Also for safety reasons, the Shanghai metro operator announced on Sunday that all sections running on the ground will operate at reduced speed and frequency of that day. In addition, the railway sections that are expected to be affected by the typhoon in the Yangtze River Delta region have been suspended, according to China Railroad Shanghai Group.

Various public places, including parks, sports stadiums, libraries, museums, in several districts, especially those of coastal regions, closed this weekend.

The Shanghai Disney Resort, the area facing the sea of ​​the central area of ​​the Bund in the district of Huangpu, and the observation covers of the East. Pearl TV tower and several skyscrapers located in the financial area of ​​Lujiazui were also closed.


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Image of Further heavy rains to hit parts of China
Further heavy rains to hit parts of China

A rider is worth a strong storm in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province on August 20, 2021. [Photo / IC]

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