Nine infected crew members who had remained on board a Panamanian ship were sent to a designated hospital for greater observation and medical treatment in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province, Sunday afternoon.

According to a statement published by the Health Commission of the city of Zhoushan on Monday, the nine include five that tested positive for the coronavirus and four who tested negative after they were sent to ground.

Starting on Sunday afternoon, the 20 members of Chinese crew in the boat, great progress, had been sent to earth for treatment and observation, the declaration was said.

Last week, 11 members of the ship crew that proved positive were shipped to the treatment, the statement was said.

The Government of the city of Zhoushan created a special working group to handle the matter and emergency procedures initiated when nine teams on board sought medical help after developing fevers on August 3.

A medical team, including six doctors, addressed the container to perform tests, disinfiating. TC and help treat patients after their condition was reported. A total of 16 crew members tested positive for Covid-19, 11 of which were sent to land for the treatment last week.

Five crew infected with mild symptoms were treated on board, waiting for the replacements to arrive. The ship required a minimum crew.

The ship is carrying 42,000 metric tons of coal, almost a full load. She had 20 members of the Chinese crew on board when she left the Philippines for Zhoushan on July 30. Before that, she was docked in Indonesia from July 2 to 14.

Only one of the crew had been vaccinated against Cuvid -19.


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