Beijing, March 3 (Xinhua): An open China actively assumes its international responsibilities, which makes an exceptional contribution to international parasports, a white paper said on Thursday Parasports of the country.

The White Paper, entitled "The Parasports of China: Progress and the Protection of Rights", were published by the Information Office of the State Council.

Greater international commitment is to allow China to play an increasingly important role in international parasports, said the white paper, adding that the country has a greater opinion In relevant matters, and its influence is growing.

China is preparing to prepare for Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games, which will open on Friday. More than 600 athletes from 48 countries and regions had been registered in the Games as of February 20, said the White Paper.

"China is fully prepared to welcome athletes around the world to games."

The White Paper also reported on the rooms of Asian pararse, which will take place in October in Hangzhou, Eastern Capital of China. Province of Zhejiang.

Around 3,800 Athletes Parasports from more than 40 countries and regions will compete at 604 events in 22 sports, said the White Paper.

"These games will vigorously promote friendship and cooperation in Asia." EndItem

Beijing,  Hangzhou,  Zhejiang, 

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