. Hangzhou Feb. 22 (Xinhua) - Wang Lifeng (pseudonym) could not feel luckier when he looked back at some crucial choices made for seven weeks

"What I he saved all made my family, "he said from his home in Ruyang Village in Rui, a city under the jurisdiction of coastal Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, east China.

Wang, 51, sells glasses in Wuhan. He has been there doing the business for 15 years. Her youngest son was born in the city

. It is one of the more than 100 merchants who run a business on the second floor of the market at the wholesale seafood Wuhan Huanan <. / P>

Wang remembers the first day he wore a mask was on December 31, after reading the messages circulating on WeChat claiming that some SARS cases have occurred in Wuhan

"After all, having experienced the SARS in 2003, which was vigilant and started thinking about what to do," said

the rumor was refuted, however, the next day. "It was not SARS. Experts said there was no transmission time. How can ordinary people like us to know more than that? So we think can be a just general pneumonia," Wang said.

the first cases of new infections were reported in December coronavirus in Wuhan, capital of central China's Hubei province. These cases were mostly related to the seafood market in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak

. 31 December Hubei announced pneumonia cases with unknown causes to the public for the first time

"early warning he was and began masks used to protect" said. "I heard that several traders were slightly infected Wenzhou in the market and went to the hospital in time for treatment Now everything has recovered.".

Wang recalled that when the seafood market was closed on New Year's Day, companies above were still so normal

" Some went down to see how clean and ask about the epidemic, "he said, adding that many more concerned if the market would be opened before the spring Festival, which fell on 25 January this year

. Wang felt that something must be wrong when he and other traders received a notice that the second floor of the market would be closed a week earlier than planned. The actual closing date is updated later as Jan. 11, about 10 days earlier than normal hours .

. "People in the market said that several traders have been infected and hospitalized as more and more gossips pour in, fear began to increase," he said

There are three hospitals near the seafood market. Wang learned from some doctor friends that people were infected every day. "It was not the same as the official announcement," he said

. His own shop closed on January 10, one day before the deadline required <. / P>

"made me more cautious than others and I'm in a sensitive area," said Wang

In addition to accompany your child to school, Wang and his wife stayed home longer day

His son was the only one in his class wearing a mask

. "?. Why should I wear a mask Nobody does what it does seem strange to me," the boy whined

"Just wear her no matter mask what other people think," said Wang

On their way to school, Wang noted that unlike people living in compounds guarded near the seafood market, most people had no idea what was happening

. "People rarely wearing a mask on the subway, on buses, on the streets or in supermarkets," recalled

Wenzhou and found that were available just in the next day

. ". Let's go I'll call my child's teacher to request a license," Wang told his wife

. "they seemed quite relaxed about the epidemic," said <. p style = "margin: 0px 15px 3px"> After boarding, a flight attendant said Wang, "You have done a very good work protection I wish I could wear a mask."

. Wang said he could read the concern in his eyes, but with a mask in public is not a private decision for similar service personnel. . it

.. "At that time, many passengers and staff at the airport were not wearing masks was not different than usual Obviously, the situation of the epidemic has not attracted enough attention, "said

Fortunately, Wang and his family were among the first wearing a mask and deliberately maintained. a distance of others in public places

. of went to the house once landed in Wenzhou Wang canceled all planned parts housewarming, visits, banquets and meetings with Wang relatives and friends, and his family were reduced

. "I'm very conscious of being back in the seafood market Wuhan, although others may not have an idea about what this can mean," said Wang

. "Instead, Zhejiang has reacted promptly by taking preventive measures and early Pronto control, weddings were not allowed in my . people and most banquets were canceled, "said Wang

.. the living culture in the village of Wang has been closed since the first day of the spring Festival it used to be the place for all people to attend festivities pictures people visited each household to inform them about dos and don'ts

.. Then all the people began blocking roads "even though it brings disadvantages. to our lives, we can not avoid that during the period of em ergency "said Wang

.. "There are over 30 people in our town who returned from Wuhan Fortunately, no everything has been infected, "said

. "I take it as a long vacation since I have been working for most of my life," he said

"In Wuhan, patients and frontline clinicians are those who suffer most", I said "watch the news every day .. It makes me very sad"

"we all feel like this is a difficult year for businesses hope the epidemic situation will be under control as soon as possible and underserved market. gradually return to normal, "Wang. End said

Wenzhou  Hangzhou  Zhejiang 

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