Hangzhou Feb. 29 (Xinhua) - Despite the economic impacts of the outbreak of the new coronavirus, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) across China remain optimistic about the . business prospects, according to a survey by the research unit supported by Alibaba

Over 66 percent of the 23,715 merchants in major trading platforms electronic Alibaba Taobao and Tmall expressed optimism about the future activity in 2020, despite setbacks in the short term, such as declining orders and customers, late deliveries and tight cash flows caused by the outbreak , showed the survey

. the survey line was conducted from February 5 to 7 by the Research Center of the University of the Southwest of Finance Research Institute Ali and household survey Chinese Finance and

. Survey companies and the prospects for economic recovery shed light on entrepreneurship lasting small business sector, which has been most affected by the epidemic, said Luohan Academy, also run by Alibaba, in a research report

. Over 90 percent of respondents said they expected to suffer losses due to the outbreak, but almost 90 percent said they would not cut jobs in 2020, even with increased financial pressure

. Yo According to the survey, interrupted logistics and distribution channels were the main causes of delays to the resumption of commercial and production operations. Another pressure came from rent, labor costs, interest on loans, delays in material and virus prevention costs

. Arhat Academy said it was crucial to ease the burden of the costs of MSMEs by offering rates are reduced and options available funding, and provides technological infrastructure obstacles navigate presented by the virus

. The researchers noted that the economic recovery is closely related to the return of workers., including about 170 million migrant workers to their jobs following a break of the Lunar New Year long for health reasons

Luohan Academy said the quick and safe return of workers to their jobs should be a priority. In addition, ongoing maintenance of a healthy work environment is key to ensuring sustained and robust recovery for business and the economy. End


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