haikou, May 23 (Xinhua) -The girls begin the day in the field for a one-hour Football session. After training, they go to school.

This is the morning routine of the Qiongzhong Li Women's Soccer team and Miao's autonomous county, an impoverished area in southern China. Hainan province.

The team receives financial support from the county government, and each player is offered free education, food and food to relieve the burden of players' families.

instead of getting married or leaving home to work like most of their classmates, the girls chose a different path in life. Since the first Qiongzhong women's soccer team was formed in 2006, more than 30 rural girls have been admitted to the University through sports.

In Qiongzhong, only a few girls had ever entered high school, due to a lagged economy and a narrow vision of the world, much less the university.

Through years of hard training, the team has won several games nationwide and won the Gothia Cup, the world's largest youth soccer tournament, during Three consecutive years from 2015 to 2017.

Huang Weiwei is a brilliant star in the bright star in the bright star team that has been the best scorer several times. From a small town in Qiongzhong, the 14 -year -old currently attends high school. Her house is far from the city center and he always takes her father for an hour and a half to take her to school on a motorcycle.

When she was eight old years old, a coach arrived at Huang Elementary School and saw her potential without exploiting for Football.

Since then, the girl's life began to change.

She was taken to one of the best county schools to assume more complete training and specially designed mandatory fields.

She has been in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, and cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou for training and competitions. "I have expanded my horizons through Football," Huang said.

great efforts lead to better results, since Huang and her team have won several championships.

"She is the only girl who played Football abroad. Her and I are very proud of her," said Wei Zhuqin, Huang's mother .

"I want to enter a university playing Football, and I hope that one day it can be limited by the national Football team," Huang said.

Before the girl assumed Football, her parents had no idea of ​​the rules of sport. Now, they have become great fans of her daughter.

"We often see her games on television. Her and I went to an international Football match at the area area to encourage our daughter , "Wei withdrew.

In 2019, the Hainan Qiongzhong International Cup soccer tournament took place, with around 400 players from 21 teams from 17 countries and regions.

hundreds and thousands of local people in the county came to see the games. The world began to know about the small county and its women's Football team.

Currently, a professional soccer club and several schools in Hainan have been formed are looking to cooperate with local schools to establish distinctive soccer classes.

Chen Xin, 28, is a player in the first lot of Qiongzhong's women's Football team. Now, she is a soccer teacher in charge of Huang's class.

"I went to college and I specialized in physical training. I decided to return home to be a coach Football.

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