Beijing, June 12 (Xinhua) -The China Logistics Sector, which staggered the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, is looking at an intensive rebound as support policies The government is gradually effect and in force and more favorable policies continue.

The logistics performance index, which tracks the business volume, new orders, employment, inventory losses and the utility rates of the equipment in the equipment in the Sector 49.3 percent last month, an increase of 5.5 percentage points of the previous month, the data of the Logistics and Purchasing Federation of China showed (CFLP).

During the period, the index, the index, the index the monitoring of the China store storage sector returned to the expansion range of 50,2 percent, said the Federation.

Electronic commerce logistics activities was also witnessing a business restart in May, with the ascending index 2.1 points to 104.3 points since April.

He Hui, assistant president of the CFLP, attributed the optimistic signals mentioned above to the country's measures to deactivate logistics and prop up businesses in difficulties, saying that The sector will witness more expansion in June.

China has launched a series of policies such as eliminating bottlenecks in transport and reducing load for logistics companies to boost logistics flows.

Shanghai, once the virus was the hardest for the virus, launched an action plan to accelerate economic recovery last month, launching measures, including Industrial and stabilization supply chains in the Yangtze River Delta, and softening the national and international logistics and transport channels. = "Margin: 0px 3px 15px"> The city managed a daily total above the average of 11 million express delivery packages on June 1, the first day of its return to normal production and life after two months of closed management to contain the TH E COVID-19 Resurgence.

cities, including Beijing companies.

Financial support has been channeled to logistics companies in China to make difficulties.

The Shandong branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has extended more than 800 million yuan (around 1.19 billion US dollars) of loans to support The logistics sector and loans granted by the Zhejiang branch of China for transport and logistics companies overcome Yuan.

China recently emphasized greater transport and logistics of softening, as part of the efforts to guarantee the operation of market entities and stabilize the economy.

While inspecting the Ministry of Transportation on Monday, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang urged local governments to strengthen coordination in soft transport protection for industries Key, regions and companies, and help ensure positive growth in the load volume as soon as possible.

more efforts to grow market actors in the logistics sector and help flourish should be made while building a unified and open transport system to reduce the costs of Logistics, he said.

"The most difficult time for the logistics sector has passed, and we are preparing for the half -year online shopping event of a week in good condition under incentives Politicians, "said Zhao Jian, a senior director by Global Logistics and Management of the Cainiao Network. ENITERM

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