A student shows an admission letter from Zhejiang A&F University. Chen Shengwei/For China Daily

when recently admitted university students receive their admission letter this summer, they can receive more than a mundane letter. They can also obtain surprise gifts, such as lotus seeds, microchips or even Morse code messages that express the welcome of a university and the best wishes.

Gao Fanqiao, 18, a graduate of the Shenyang High School, Liaoning province, we were waiting for his admission letter from the University of Nankai in Tianjin. He arrived with two lotus seeds.

"I will give one of them to my high school and take the other to my university so long as Gao said.

The special meaning that university wants to transmit through lotus seeds is that plants, which represent noble qualities in Chinese art, are used to symbolize the desire of the school that students maintain their original aspirations and march towards a brilliant future.

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The admission package, which included a letter, seeds and a marker, fulfilled the dream he has had since his greatest year of the high school of attending the University of Nankai.

Many national universities have joined the madness of sending elegant surprises and fabulous admission packages in recent years to give students an incredible first impression and impress family and friends.

Sun Yat-Sen University in the province of Guangdong sent gift boxes containing an admission and pure tea letter produced in Fengqing County in the southwest of the province of Yunnan.

"First year students are expected to always keep in mind that their university has adhered to the country's rural vitalization strategy, so they can make contributions to places where they are needed in the future" Said Zhang Zhe, a member of the University staff, said he said. media. He has taken a temporary position in the county of many movements by the university to help boost rural prosperity.

Another novel admission certificate is from the Harbin Institute of Technology in the province of Heilongjiang, which is bordered by diamonds or sapphires, expressing the hope that first -year students adopt brilliant achievements in the future .

A receiver that opens its admission letter from the University of Agriculture and Forestry of Zhejiang in the province of Zhejiang, will see a three -dimensional figure of Ginkgo Ginkgo tree in the upper right corner, made of bamboo, which symbolizes The ecological culture of the school.

Other innovations from different schools include paper cuts to show the charm of traditional Chinese culture and encoded messages to stimulate students curiosity. << /p>

"I think the letters carry the wishes of universities. It is not to show off, but to encourage and heat students like my daughter," said Gao's father, Gao Wei.

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