Beijing, August 1 (Xinhua) - Next news about China is presented to be covered or persecuted by Xinhua on Monday:

Wire service:

-xi focus: Pla becomes a world-class military force under the leadership of XI

-" target="_BLANK">Xinhua headlines: China strives to maintain the impulse of economic growth, pointing to the best possible results

- the heroin operation In the space of the mine he receives a medal of August 1 on August 1

- China approach: China enforces a new legislation to improve the conservation of black soil

- wonderful Xinjiang: the population of critical amphibians rises stable in Xinjiang

- Throughout China: a visit to the Hangzhou branch of the National National Publications and Culture Archives of China

<= "Margin: 0px 3px 15px">- throughout China: International trade cha nnels helps companies a Expand global businesses

-Xinjiang sees growth in energy production in H1

- - driven by science fiction comedy, China's box office growth is accelerated in summer


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China develops Omicron vaccines through multiple technical routes: official

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