Nanjing, August 3 (Xinhua) - Mechanical arms work synchronize with flashing cameras and continuously updating cloud data. The scene is not from a science fiction film, but a super virtual factory in the province of Jiangsu of Eastern China that helps companies in stable operation.

The super virtual factory monitors the efficiency of business operation and analyzes its real -time capabilities. Through the factory capacity radar model, the parameters that include the equipment operation index and the daily and annual output scales of small and medium enterprises can be dynamically monitored.

The efficiency of staff production, equipment failure rate and inventory rotation rate can also be analyzed deeply.

The super virtual factory helps production supervisors to perform a remote management of production lines. Supervisors could automatically remember if there were any abnormalities in the production process and make adjustments.

Founded in 2021, the factory was dedicated to promoting the allocation of resources of the allocation of resources of the allocation of resources the industrial internet platform and the transformation intelligent and the update of traditional manufacturing through the application of industrial artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data technology.

The factory has connected to the capacity data of more than 700 companies, said Zhang Zhiqi, CEO of the factory.

The Greenworks in the city of Hangzhou">CHangzhou in Jiangsu is a foreign trade company in the production of garden equipment. It faces the shame of the power of inactive workforce and production lines during the low season.

The company accepted the solution provided by the super virtual factory. After modeling and consumption analysis, the virtual factory discovered an intellectual optimized method to update the production process with limited modification.

Thanks to the Super Virtual Factory, the Greenwork Automated Workshop transformed its production line into the production of laundry sweeping machines to meet market demand.

During the wave of the COVID-19 epidemic in March, many production production could not be transported due to the prevented logistics. The super virtual factory helped companies deal with the problem and optimized industrial and supply chains.

Since the beginning of 2022, the super virtual factory has distributed hundreds of hundreds of orders for hundreds of small and medium enterprises in the south and east of China. ENITEM

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