Hefei, August 10 (Xinhua) - In a dance study in Tongling, a city in the province of Anhui of East China, Hong Chenlin sits in a wheelchair and It moves from one place to another around a group of children, examining small details and emphasizing the essential elements of each dance movement.

Since March, the video clips of their dance in a wheelchair have become an online sensation, as the videos marked the 35 -year -old professional dancer who He rebuilt his dance career after being confined in a wheelchair for 10 years.

Hong has been passionate about dance since her childhood. At the age of 12, she attended an art school to learn Chinese dance. After graduation, he had been involved in dance and teaching actions in provinces such as Zhejiang and Jiangsu, until a traffic accident shattered his dreams in 2012.

" I listened to A Listened to A Listened to strong noise, and then I realized that I couldn't move, "he recalled. career. The accident damaged her column, causing paraplegia and leaving it confined in a wheelchair.

"At that time, I refused to meet my students who visited me. As a teacher dance, I didn't know how to face them if I couldn't stand," said Hong.

After a period of time, Hong slowly adapted a wheelchair. Barrilizing the floor, cooking and reading, she managed to take care of her the daily life tasks on her account. Marriage and giving birth made her hope in her life once again.

However, she did not think about dancing again until a quarantine period at home in March 2022, as her city launched a campaign against a local resurgence COVID-19.

She saw on short video platforms that many people danced at home for exercises and uploaded the online clips, which revived her desire to dance.

"The whole process of filming my first video took almost three days, from selecting songs and designing dance movements to video shots," said Hong. On March 26, she published the online video, which won her praise and encouragement from many Internet users.

Tranquilized by online comments, Hong has updated her videos in a regular base.

Hong used the local dance training study of her Hu Peijing to film some of her videos. While she did, she saw the children practicing dance, reminding her childhood of her. The more she visited the studio, she became more familiar with the children.

"One day, Hong asked me if she could work here as a part -time teacher. I was euphoric when he heard that because she knew that she finally overcame her psychological shadow "Hu said.

Hong said although she could not dance as she used to do it, she could still share her experience and her experience in her performance with the children. She began teaching at the end of April.

Dance in a wheelchair requires keeping it straight for a long time and exerting strength in the upper extremities of it. For Hong with column injury pain, often pants with fatigue after some dance movements. But she always maintains a smile on her face and does everything possible in front of her students.

"her dance movements of her are elegant. I have also learned to continue positive, optimistic and confident of her," said Wu Ziyan, an 11 -year -old student in Hong class. ENITEM

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