The first group of patients with COVID-19, three cases confirmed in Haikou and an asymptomatic carrier in Sanya, have cured and discharged after an integral treatment in designated hospitals, since the last outbreak is still quickly evolving In some regions through the tropical of the tropical island of Hainan, local authorities said on Friday.

Thursday, Hainan registered 595 confirmed cases and 614 asymptomatic transporters. Among them, the coastal city of Sanya registered 471 of the confirmed cases and 567 of the asymptomatic carriers. Until noon on Friday, Hainan had registered a total of 2,814 confirmed cases and 2,340 asymptomatic carriers since the first case was reported in Sanya on August 1, officials said at a press conference held in Haikou on Friday afternoon.

The epidemic, which has extended to 13 cities and counties throughout the island, is rapidly developing in approximately half of the affected regions, said Du Jianwei, an official of the Provincial Health Commission of Hainan, at the meeting.

said, however, quick progress has been observed in the processing of nucleic acid test samples and the medical treatment of patients as more than 11,700 medical experts and workers have rushed to help Antiepidemic efforts in Hainan, since 19 provinces and regions throughout the country.

Hainan is not saving efforts in antiepidemic work and will better coordinate medical resources to guarantee the timely treatment of patients. Last week, Hainan has built improvised hospitals with a total of 8,992 beds, Du said.

Meanwhile, Hainan has also established special work groups to see that stranded tourists can be sent home as soon as possible, waiting for health controls to pass and meet all the requirements of Epidemic prevention, officials of the local tourism authority said.

The epidemic left around 80,000 tourists stranded in Sanya, a popular destination for vacationers in China.

At 6 am on Friday, Hainan had organized 34 flights for 5,437 tourists stranded by the last outbreak of the island to return home to Shanghai and in provinces, including Shaanxi, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Guangdong , Hunan, Zhejiang,. Hebei and Shandong.

The return trip of all stranded tourists will be put under a nearby circuit management. After landing in their hometown, they will be in quarantine for three days in designated hotels, followed by four days of isolation at home, in line with antiepidemic measures, local officials said


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