The Court of High People of the Autonomous Region of Xinjiang Uygur has introduced legal services into 94 scenic places to help tourists establish disputes that occur during their trips.

Xinjiang tourism recovered well during the peak summer holiday period, before being hindered by Covid-19 outbreaks. The average daily volume of visits to the 5th stage stains of the region - The highest rating in China achieved 110,000 in July, tripled on June, according to the Department of Culture and Tourism of the region.

To guarantee a better travel experience for tourists who can find emergencies or disputes during their trips, access to judicial judges of small demands are providing legal advice in several destinations.

Contacts of judges and legal professionals whose "patch" covers a particular scenic place in outstanding locations, such as ticket offices, so that visitors can seek professional guidance or conflict resolution services .

In addition, legal professionals have had the task of maintaining activities in scenic places to inform the public of their legal rights during their trips, as well as possible risks and travel emergencies.

A Nanjing tourist, Jiangsu province, using the name Wang, spent time in July traveling through Xinjiang in H is a car with his family, according to a report by Xinjiang Daily.

"Without the legal help provided during my trip, I would have been in a terrible humor for the rest of my trip after getting involved in an accident on July 12," he recalled.

That day, Wang and his family led Nalati Grassland Scenic Spot in the Autonomous Prefecture of Ili Kazak, where his car was scraped by the vehicle of a visitor in the province of Hubei. .

The pair could not agree on compensation, risking delays in its travel schedules. Fortunately, Yusup Ali, a judge of a nearby circuit court, could be contacted and quickly helped both parties to reach an agreement.

On July 31, Xu Huizi, a tourist from the province of Zhejiang, found a judge of a local circuit court that had an activity about the awareness of legal rights in a picturesque place in the county of Xinjiang Hotan. Xu asked the judge some legal questions regarding tourism and consumer rights.

She said that she was surprised to have a free legal consultation in a scenic place, and her knowledge recently collected from her added an even more brilliant shines to the wonderful environment she had come to see .

visitors to many scenic points in Xinjiang can scan the QR codes shown prominently to access the online platform of a circuit court to request legal services.


Zhang Liang, a judge of the Regional Superior Court of Xinjiang, said that legal teams are collaborating with the culture and tourism authorities to feed the solid development of the tourism industry.

"The services provided by the 94 Circuit The courts throughout the region are aimed , He said.

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