People expect to begin testing for nucleic acid COVID-19 in an office building in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, on Sunday. The tests are offered free to people who had visited a nearby shopping center where a case of coronavirus recently emerged. XIA Shiyan / IN CHINA DAILY

Hangzhou -. Chinese Internet giant Alibaba Group,, and Tencent have launched reservation services for COVID-19 tests, the companies said

Ali Health, health care subsidiary of Alibaba, has offered dating test in 10 cities, including Beijing and Shanghai from April 21. the service will be extended in 28 cities this week.

users looking for "nucleic acid test coronavirus" in Taobao e-commerce site Alibaba principal, will be directed to a service offer page book.

JD health, subsidiary of health care, and WeChat, social media platform Tencent also launched similar platforms reserves -19 COVID tests in Beijing, Guangzhou and other cities .

services have been launched as China accelerates COVID-19 nucleic acid testing to promote epidemic prevention and control and accelerate the resumption of production.

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