China is to start issuing visas again to students and employees from South Korea, prompting hope that people of other nationalities currently stuck outside the country will soon welcome were given. No exact date for the resumption of visa services has been announced, but it is expected that the new assignment to go into effect in early August

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Monday, January ha-Sung, the Korean ambassador to South China, told reporters in Beijing that the Chinese government agreed has issued visas for students from Korea South, employees long term and those current residence permit. Koreans with expired residence permit will not be allowed in, although the subject will be presented to "future discussion," Jang said.

As a result of the rapid spread of COVID-19 in other countries, China closed its borders to all incoming foreigners in March 28. South Korea is the first country to be issued with visas China again, and is expected to serve as a catalyst for Beijing to open up to more foreign countries.

In May, Beijing and Seoul entered into an agreement on the fast track by which business people traveling between certain regions of the two countries could request a special pass that would make them a quarantine period shorter if COVID test results before and after trips were negative. Since then, the two countries have been in-depth discussions on how to facilitate the movement beyond the outbreak control measures and strict quarantine requirements of both countries that help smooth negotiations.

About a third of all residents of the South Korean living in China went home because of the virus and unable to return, according to Korean daily Joonang. It is expected that the resumption of visa services to cause an increase in flights between the two countries.

Meanwhile, Shanghai has announced that from now on, foreign travelers coming to the city can spend the second day seven in its quarantine home as long as they do not test positive for COVID-19, has a permanent address Shanghai, Zhejiang, Anhui and Jiangsu, and live alone or with others willing to isolate for the reminder of the quarantine.

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