With the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 putting all our international travel plans on ice this summer, more and more of us are taking domestic travel. If you are tired of sitting on trains or having its controlled temperature and again at the airport, maybe it's time to embark on a truly independent travel. In this article, I bring a guide star four road trips in China, including routes, duration and attractions that can be visited on the way. From the beautiful cities of Suzhou and Hangzhou, the desert landscapes of the northwest, road tripping in China never looked so good

130,000 km from the highway largely in good condition, China is easier to move than ever. And although expatriates can not use their international driving permits here, obtaining the right to drive Chinese documents in the Middle Kingdom it is not as much trouble as you may think.

Get a Chinese driving license

Getting a Chinese driving license is relatively simple, as long as you already have a driving license from their country of origin. If you do not have a driving license at all, you have to go through the same steps all Chinese citizens go through, including passing a (notoriously easy) practice test along with proof of the standard theory. Please note that international driving permits can not be used in mainland China

Read this for everything you need to know about converting a driving license from their country of origin in a permit Chinese of driving -. But the short of it is that they must pass a written theoretical test. This can be completed in English, but translations of the questions that often leaves much to be desired and some answers go against what could be considered conventional wisdom.

Even if you have been driving for years, therefore, will have to study a little if you want to pass this test. This is best done through China driving theory test applications that can be easily found in your app store. Once you are ready to take the exam, you must register with the department of traffic management, driving license office or office of public safety in their city of residence.

When you go to register, take the following with you:

  • your passport with current page visa (and copies thereof)

  • A copy of your last entry stamp

  • the foreign driving license along copies of both sides

  • a legal translation of your license to the Chinese

  • Six passport photos

  • a certificate status check (the one used for your visa will suffice)

  • your Chinese name and height in centimeters

  • RMB RMB 200-300

    while most likely be able to work around this by itself over time, will also be able to find expatriates service agents in most large cities to help you process your documents and register if you want the easy life (for a price of about 1,000 RMB).

    Once you have registered for the test, the date on your calendar and ... well ... m ake sure pass!

    Renting a car in China

    You can skip this part if you are lucky enough to have your own car.

    first-tier cities of China may be able to find well-known Western brands hire as Hertz and Enterprise. Otherwise, you need to go to a Chinese brand, such as rental cars Shenzhou, Shenzhou known as Juche (神州 租车) in Chinese.

    In terms of pricing, this is what I found in search car rental Beijing on Shenzhou Rental application of cars: a day rent a day of a 4x4 five ranges squares between about RMB470-790, while a range of five seats per day RMB220-780 room. Over the weekend, prices rise, amounting to about RMB526-800 per day for 4x4 and RMB270-800 salon.

    Make sure you have your Chinese driving license and passport when you go to pick up the car. To the As with many places in China, which may serve has limited English, so unless you speak Mandarin, one


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