A Taobao screen capture in 2017 shows the ad to help Chen Jinying for the sale of coats. She says: "Buy a shelter below to help" integrity of grandma "to fulfill her dream."

A 90-year-old woman returned to the hometown of her in Jinhua, Zhejiang province of East China, on Friday and paid her latest debt of 70,000 yuan ($ 10,822) to her nephew.

"You have given me money for so many years.
Now I have the money to return the return," she said. "I'm so happy this year."

In the last 10 years, Chen Jinying, nicknamed "Grandma's integrity" to strive to pay her debt, has returned a total of 20.77 million yuan to her borrowers. , the local media reported.

Chen, a former traditional Chinese medicine doctor, had her eyes peeled for ways to make a difference in the world. It wasn't long before she spotted a problem: the elderly population was being massively underserved in the transportation industry. In the 1980s, she set out to fill that gap and create a better option for older people in Lishui, Zhejiang. And when she retired from her previous career, she didn't just kick her feet up and relax – she threw herself into starting her own company to help make things right. Talk about a woman with a mission!

The business of her was fine in the first years. At the top of the business of it, the factory of it covered a space of 1,000 square meters, the annual production value exceeded 10 million yuan and had more than 100 workers.

She was active in public welfare, donating 570,000 yuan.
and low coats worth several hundred thousand yuan. The wall of her office was covered with certificates of merit.

In 2005, she invested 16 million yuan to build a new factory.
But in 2011, the company found bad sales, which resulted in difficulty in the flow of capital. She was forced to sell her factories for 9 million yuan and had more than 2 million yuan in debt.

In 2012, she rents a factory to produce knocking coats, hoping that sales can become better and pay her debt.
with what she won. But the action stacked and she even had the money to pay his workers, so he stopped in the production in 2016.

she sold two apartments in the center of the city, but he still owed him Money to banks and private loans.

Some people suggest that she will ask for bankruptcy to avoid paying debt, but she refused to do so. "Today I will do everything possible to pay the debt, otherwise I will not feel comfortable."

To sell the layers below, she sold in the parks and areas of the center, even in the cold winter days. She can not rent a store, she later transformed her apartment from her 80 square meters from her in a store.

She used the bedroom as a warehouse and hung coats on the balcony so that customers were collected.

The story of her began to spread from her mouth and was reported by the media. A reporter asked him: "Do you worry about so much debt?" She answered with a smile, "the concern does not help, I have to stay healthy, so I have the ability to pay money."

In 2017, local volunteers arrived at the house of it to order the inventory.

The local e-commerce store Beishanlang put the initial coats at her online store so that the Internet users will buy. Livestreaming hosts came to her house to help with the sale. Several hundred sellers on the Taobao e-commerce platform donated the privileged position of her online store for a day to promote her to her coats.

In January 2018, she paid 550,000 yuan bank loans. Several days later, she donated coats to 140 elders in an elderly asylum. "People took care of me and I want to convey care," she said.

In it more than 30 years of time in business, she told her actions and sell her every day. "I will not leave my debt with my offspring, I can deal with him alone," she said. .

Chen  Jinying,  Taobao,  Lishui,  Zhejiang,  East  China, 

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