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The Shaoxing 1 Metro line officially began operations on Friday, allowing passengers to travel from the Shaoxing Center in the province of Zhejiang to the Hangzhou provincial capital in about 75 minutes .

Shaoxing Metro Line 1 currently has 23 stations and includes a main line and a branch line. The main line extends from the Chinese city station to the Fangquan station. The branched line extends from the station of the Convention and Exhibitions Center to the small city station Huangjiu.

The construction of the Metro project of 34.1 kilometers began in July 2017 and cost around 23.87 billion yuan, which makes it the largest infrastructure project in shaoxing in Shaoxing.

[Photo provided to Chinadily.com.cn]

Shaoxing Metro Line 1 is a key project in the province and will increase transport connectivity for the next Asian Games Hangzhou 2022.

as One of the five cities of the Asian Games, Shaoxing, will celebrate female basketball, baseball, softball, male volleyball and climbing competitions during games in the following places: Shaoxing Keqiaoyangshan Sport Center, Shaoxing Baseball & Softball Sports Center, Shaoxing Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium, China Textile City Sports Center.

In addition, Jianhu Soccer Training Ground also will provide training places for participating teams during football competitions.

Fang Xiaoying A D Hou Minhao contributed to this story.

Hangzhou,  Zhejiang, 

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