A bus runs on the Nanpuxi bridge in Taishun County, Zhejiang Province, on Tuesday. The opening of the Wencheng-Taishun highway, which includes the bridge, marked the connection of all counties in the province to the highways. Its QiaOjiang / for China daily

As a vital step in the fight against poverty, the Government of China has channeled enormous resources to improve the transportation network of the nation with the help of the latest technologies such as 5g and artificial intelligence , according to a white book government published on Tuesday.

By the end of last year, 229 airports and airlines offered digital tickets to passengers, while the Beidou satellite navigation system was widely used in the transport sector.

reinforced by such achievements, the Ministry of Transport has made an additional improvement of the transport network in rural areas a priority, especially in the places affected previously in poverty that were once plagued by evil transport.

The White Paper said over 2.08 million kilometers of roads were built or renovated in rural areas from 2012 to 2019, with more than 1.1 million km in areas affected by poverty.

The number of peoples with access to bus services increased B and 54,000 during that time, greatly improving daily life in areas that include education, medical care and cultural services.

Liu Xiaoming, Vice Minister of Transport, told a press conference that the Ministry had reinforced poverty relief work by improving the transport network since 2012.

" We have made great efforts to build new roads to rural areas and make bus and postal services are available for residents there, allowing some 600 million villagers by traveling on paved roads and buses, "said Tuesday.

"Transportation services offered strong support for the modernization of the field and the work of poverty relief of the nation."

In addition to the construction of roads, improvements to infrastructure. As railroads and postal services in rural areas also helped get people from poverty.

The White Paper said that China invested 3.3 trillion yuan ($ 504 billion) in the construction of railway lines to 14 areas that were in extreme poverty and border areas from 2. 012 to 2019, which represent Approximately 78 percent of total railway investment at that time.

An average of 2,328 trains was allocated or stopped by areas affected by poverty every day last year, with 594 new trains services launched, promoting the development of tourism and other industries.

Postal Services also expanded in the field. The figures of the Ministry show that more than 15 billion packages were collected or delivered in rural areas last year.

Liu said that a fairly complete transport network has been built in the areas previously, with sealed roads, roads, navigable tracks and even railway lines and airlines available for premises.

"The transport of improvement has brought the methods of the villagers to acquire wealth, for example, develop electronic commerce and tourism," she said.


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