Hangzhou - Zhejiang Province of East China plans to set more than 300,000 smart charging batteries for electric vehicles in 2025, the provincial economic planner said on Friday.

About 50,000 public load batteries and more than 250,000 self-sufficient will be built in the province during the period to expand clean energy consumption, according to the Provincial Development and Reform Commission.

To meet the requirements to achieve the carbon neutral objective of the country, Zhejiang plans to increase the participation of non-fossil energy in 24 percent primary energy consumption for 2025, up to approximately 20 per One hundred at present, and will provide its total installed capacity. Of wind energy and photovoltaic power to about 34 million kw, said Zhou Weibing, director of the Provincial Energy Office.

More than 800 service stations will be established for power supply in Zhejiang by 2025 and more than 1,000 hydrogen fuels. Cell vehicles will be put into use, Zhou added.

China has announced that it will endeavor to provide carbon dioxide emissions to a peak before 2030 and become neutral carbon before 2060.

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