Xiamen, November 25 (Xinhua) - Marcos Caldeira, a 34-year-old Brazilian businessman, has invested more than 10 million yuan (around 1.52 million US dollars) In its import company this year, I send Brazilian natural stones high-end to China.

In 2013, Caldeira arrived at the coastal city of Xiamen in eastern China to learn Chinese. Inspired by the business environment of the city, Caldeira began its own company, Marco Stones, selling Chinese stone products to South America.

Caldeira has seen a quick business growth over the years, with the export volume that reaches almost 300 containers last year.

Xiamen is one of the largest stone distribution and import centers in China. The Caldeira company has become one of the great stone exporters to the Brazilian market.

Xiamen organized the BRICS Summit in September 2017, with a cooperation between the main emerging economies in the world: Brazil Russia, India, China and South Africa.

"After the BRICS Summit, we reaffirm our decision to develop Brazilian and Chinese markets," Caldeira said. "The two markets are large enough, we also want to explore the other three markets in the near future."

Commenting on the recent BRICS Summit organized by Russia, Caldeira said: "The leaders discussed a series of topics, to contain the Covid-19 pandemic and restart the Global economy, to forge a free and open commercial environment ". He expressed the belief that the Summit will further promote trade between BRICS countries and will help achieve more reciprocal offers.

Meanwhile, more and more business of the BRICS countries are playing the markets from each other. Chen Tanxiang, general manager of a textile company based in Xiamen, said it has benefited from the deep exchanges between BRICS nations. In 2013, Chen decided to expand his business to South Africa to manufacture a non-woven fabric in the region because the industry struggled with overcapacity in China.

The Chen company has been developing steadily in the country over past years. He has forged a sales network with local stores, wholesalers and agents, which provides products such as removal bags, shopping bags and storage supplies.

"Africa is an emerging market and has great potential. We will further explore the African market," Chen said.

During the summit of the BRICS this year, Chen, especially monitored the commercial policies of the member countries. . "Brazil is a virgin market for our company. In the next three to five years, we want to enter the Brazilian market."

Niren Anand, from the city of Darbhanga de Bihar in India, established Xiamen Worre Trade Import and Export Co., Ltd. in 2011, focusing on the design, Manufacturing and export shoes.

"It was a great honor to join a business forum during the Xiamen BRICS Summit. And it gave me more optimism and confidence that the five countries supported cooperation Multilateral, "Anand said.

In 2018, your company's sales revenues reached 5 million US dollars and the number increased to almost 8 million US dollars last year.

In addition to a development center and more than 20 designers and more than 20 designers and 200 workers at the Xiamen headquarters, it also has another new office in Wenzhou in the Neighbor Province of Zhejiang.

Your new factory, with an investment of 10 million US dollars UU., In Bhubaneswar, the State of Oriental India of Odisha is expected to begin To work after the China Spring Festival in February 2021.

Wenzhou  Zhejiang 

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