Beijing, December 16 (Xinhua) - China will extend the pilot program of "Internet Plus of Nursing" to all regions of provincial level in 2021, according to a guide issued by the Commission National Health.

The pilot program was launched in 2019 in six regions of provincial level, including the Province of Beijing, Tianjin and Zhejiang. Under this program, registered nurses from qualified medical institutions, after receiving online applications, will be sent to provide nursing services to people with mobility difficulties, such as disabled elderly, disabled people from hospitals and patients with terminal diseases, in Your communities or homes.

The recent guide requires the one-year pilot program to be carried out at least a city in the remaining provincial level regions from January to December 2021.

Local health authorities must coordinate regional medical resources and reasonably guide medical institutions to increase the supply of nursing services, read the guide.

also requires the formulation and improvement of a management system, service specifications and technical standards for "Internet Plus of Nursing", as well as the price policy of the Prices of medical services and relevant health insurance. EndItem

Beijing,  Tianjin,  Zhejiang, 

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