Chinese New Year: holding down to go home for holidays

by Yvette Tanbbc News Posted hereinafter11 minutes agosharenocloshare pagecopy Linkabout Sharingimage CopyrightTreutesImage Captione Captioneny Year, Millions in China make long trips at home during the spring festival

today mark the beginning of migration Biggest human in the world: An event that sees millions of people travel thousands of miles in China to get home in time for the Lunar New Year.

For some, it is the only time you will see your families throughout the year and it is an event so you can not miss.

But there are fears the spring season of the Spring Festival, or Chunyun in Chinese, could become a SuperSpreader event. After all, it is believed that Chunyun last year has played an important role in the propagation of Covid-19.

So Chinese authorities have been left with a problem: How do people encourage people to stay local, without actually canceling the largest annual celebration in the country?

The Stick

The Chunyun this year begins on January 28 and will last until March 8, giving people time for Potentially travel thousands of miles in China on time for the New Year, on February 12, and again.

In a normal year, China sees around three billion trips during the Chunyun period.

but last year, as the virus began gaining momentum and the government introduced travel restrictions, the figures from the Ministry of Transport show that the number of trips fell in more than half.

This year, with life almost again to normal through large stripes of the country, it is expected that the number of trips made increase to 1.7bn, officials said.

In preparation for this, Beijing presented plans to vaccinate 50 m people, or 3.5% of the population, before the trip began seriously.

  • five days that shaped out the outbreak
  • a year from the first blockade of the world in Wuhan

    , China has in the last weeks seen small buds of Cases, especially in rural areas.

    In the northeastern city of Tonghua in Jilin's province, the entire city of around two million has been put in blockade after 13 cases, were registered earlier this month.

    For people in the affected cities, the message is clear: There will not be traveling to the Spring Festival this year.

    But even if your area is not under such a strict block, it could be difficult to get home.

    The" target="_BLANK">" target="_BLANK">National Health Commission of China has declared that people who return to rural areas should produce a negative COVID-19 test issued up to seven days before their departure during the Spring Festival.

    should also be under a period of 14 days of observation of the house ", which still allows them to leave their house, but requires them to control their temperature daily.

    During this time , nor will they be allowed to participate in meetings and have to take a Covid test every seven days.

    Many in social networks have been rapidly to point out that this will disproportionately affect migrant workers who work in cities and They travel back to their homes in rural areas at this time. The measures would do too poorly or too expensive, but officials say these are the precautions that should be taken to keep China safe. image CopyrightTty ImagesImage CaptionThose The return will have to take a Covid test once every seven days

    Student of PhD Huang Jie, which is not his real name, had to show a nucleic acid test result, his "Health Code" had to be Verd. and, and a certificate of acceptance of the community, which had to have signed by the leaders of his people. When he arrived at the station on the way home.

    but it was worth it.

    "New Year's Eve is a meeting time," he said to the BBC. "I must celebrate with people I love, I must have someone to s

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