Nanjing: The Department of Water Resources of Jiangsu Province of China East raised levels of flood alert for many sections of rivers and channels on Tuesday, since in-FA typhoon is destroying havoc in the province.

The Typhoon - The sixth of this year that affects China, moved to the city of Liyang by Jiangsu at 9 am, Tuesday, after making a second land in the neighboring province of Zhejiang the Monday.

The storm packed the strong galas of 20 meters per second, since it proceeded to the northwest with a speed of about 10 km per hour, according to the provincial meteorological observatory. It is expected that

disputes continue in a dozen cities in the province in the next six hours, according to prognoses issued at 9:05 am.

Local authorities have transferred to 335,529 people in Jiangsu to safety as a precautionary measure from 4 pm on Monday. The province saw 19,091 boats return to Harbor, 7,802 companies Suspend Business, 23,247 construction sites detained at work and close 479 scenic sites.

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