Photo taken on April 30, 2021 shows that fishing vessels return to a port before the execution of the annual ban-fishing ban, in the city of Jinqing of the Luqiao District in Taizhou, the East Zhejiang province of China. [Photo / Xinhua]

Beijing: A special action of compliance with the Law co-launched by the Coast Guard of China (CCG) to fight against illegal marine fishing activities during the Summer Fisheries of this year has concluded with significant results.

CCG agencies of various levels during the operation reviewed more than 5,200 fishing vessels and captured 614 criminal suspects involved in illegal fishing or bad practice, according to the CCG.

Compared to last year, this year was a year's witness. Notable fall in maritime production activities in violation of the Law or Regulations, and the ban on summer fishing was best applied, the CCG said.

The maritime fishing moratorium lasted four and a half months, until September.

The action of application of the Special Law was launched jointly by the CCG, the Ministry of Public Safety and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

Beijing  Taizhou  Zhejiang 

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