By Xinhua Wang Siyuan Writers, Wei Donghua and Lyu Qiuping

Hangzhou, September 20 (Xinhua) - After A series of turns, jumps, elevators and other difficult movements to music, about 40 students ended an aerobic dance with a final pose. Outside the stage, his teacher Xia Mengxing took a picture and gave him a thumbs up.

Xia, 30 and students are from the Central Elementary School in the Municipality of Sanhe in the city of Taizhou, the Province of Zhejiang of China.

Passionate by aerobics, the Sports Teacher has trained more than 100 children in the rural area, guiding them to step on. A larger stage of life to see a wider world.

Growing up in the field, Xia did not have the opportunity to learn sports skills in her childhood, making her more determined to teach at a rural school instead of a big city .

Xia fell in love with the aerobics while studying at the University of Taizhou. After graduation, it became a sports teacher at the Central Elementary School in the Municipality of Sanhe in 2014. "I want to give rural children to Access the systematic training of aerobic dance at an early age, facilitating them to achieve their sports dreams, "he said. To win the support of the parents of it, Xia accompanies the members of her team to do homework before her training. She also prepares sandwiches for students.

Xia is familiar with each team member and knows how to give them confidence.

Two years ago, Xia met Shen Yuxiang, then an eight-year-old boy with a quick genius.

"He easily lost patience during training and, often, called him's mother to take him home," Xia recalled.

With continuous observation, she discovered that Shen was stronger and more explosive in force than her colleagues. . She then invited him to invite him to establish an example for others during strength training. She also conversed with him a lot, supported him to deal with negative emotions.

Several months later, Shen became more peaceful in character, became more interested in aerobics, and was more willing to attend training.

Sometimes Xia feels anguished, especially when he finds out that team members are about to resign.

One of them, Jin Jiayi, 11, told Xia about him's decision to stop training to study at a foreign language school. Jin joined the team when he was seven years old. Xia always thought that she was endowed and hardworking.

"As Jin, many children, I thought that they stopped quitting, as they have new interests and plans. It took me some time to accept, since I realize that rural children are now lucky enough to have more options, "he said.

During the Epidemic Covid-19, Xia taught students online to exercise with books and plastic cups at home.

Xia knows that most of the team members may not change the destination of it through sports or aerobics, but she believes that the work of She is important. .

"All I want to do is transmit the joy of sports," she said. EndItem

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