Beijing, February 12 (Xinhua): With Rotative Motors and Roaring Machines, China's Industrial Companies began the first week after Chinese Lunar Lunar Holidays full of VIM and Vigor.

Facing Multiple challenges in 2022, Rong Juchuchuan, founder of the Group, a textile company based in Ningbo, Zhejiang province of East China, said the Company "You can not simply wait, but you must take the initiative."

EN 2022, the company will prioritize improving its digital capabilities and taking advantage of the new sales channels, such as live transmission platforms to reduce the operation. Costs and take advantage of potential demand, Rong said.

Recent economic data has echoed such enthusiasm for business. The Index of Purchasing Administrators (PMI) for the China manufacturing sector, a key economic barometer, reached 50.1 in January, remaining in the territory of expansion for three consecutive months.

In particular, the confidence of the manufacturing companies was increasing, with the sub-index for the production and expectations of the activity activity at 57.5 , up to 3.2 percentage points of a previous month.

China's economic performance In the first quarter beat market expectations, said Li Chao, chief economist at Zheshang Securities, citing a PMI above the Boom-bust line for three consecutive months and a constant credit growth.

The resilience of the industrial economy of China was also reflected in other barometers, including total electricity consumption.

One of the country's industrial powers, Jiangsu Province of East China, saw its total the use of Trueness increases the year 18.27 percent with the Year during the holidays, while Hubei, a key manufacturing base in China, an increase of 36.45 percent year year in the use of energy.

According to an estimate of the Electricity Council of China, the total total electricity consumption of the country will increase by 5 percent to 6 percent year after year in 2022. < / P>

On the face of the allamos such as the high prices of commodities and the chain chain challenges, China has prioritized stable growth for industrial development in 2022, which is the "ballast stone" of the macroeconomic market.

Xiao Yaqing, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, he said in a previous interview with Xinhua that guarantees stable industrial growth, particularly a good start in the first trimester of 2022, it must be established as the most important task.

To ensure stable expansion, Multiple measures have been shot, including the development of small and medium enterprises, improve the recovery capacity of the supply chain and Give a complete game to the role of emerging sectors as new energy vehicles (NEV).

The ministry intends to incubate some 3,000 "small giant" firms this year, referring to small businesses in their early stage of development and focusing on high-end technologies.

"EN 2022, more importance will be attached to the promotion of collaboration and innovation between small, medium and large companies," said Xu Xiaolan, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology of the information.

The Nev market could be another driving force that supports China's industrial growth. NEV sales of the country occupy the first global level for a seventh consecutive year in 2021. Looking forward, China aims to facilitate further growth of This sector in rise, relieving the shortage of chips, improvement of support facilities, such as battery exchange stations, and performing recycling and using nev energy batteries. EndItem follows on Twitte

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