Beijing, May 5 (Xinhua) - Chinese scientists have developed a new flight route planning system that can help swarms in miniature and miniature drones that fly intelligently through crowded forests, without collisions.

The planning system allowed 10 aerial robots to maneuver collectively without obstacles through a messy bamboo forest and find the most efficient flight route, according to the published study Thursday in the journal Science Robotics.

inspired by how bird flocks can coordinate their collective flight routes flexibly, researchers from the University of Zhejiang designed a method of trajectory planning that processes Edge sensor data and incorporates collision collision avoidance, flight efficiency and coordination of swarm to optimize the swarm flight in a few milliseconds.

The 10 drone fleet was seen avoiding other drones in a drone traffic spose or, according to the study.

"In our system, each robot is equipped with a stereo camera, attitude sensor and an integrated computer that uses image and attitude data for location," said the First author of the Zhou Xin Research Document with Zhejiang University.

"The trajectory planning module will plan a trajectory immediately that will not reach obstacles or other robots in the following seconds and the controller then controls the propellers so that they follow this Sure trajectory, "Zhou added.

The new system is expected to help rescuers in search and rescue operations in forests, animal and plants researchers, and even common people who can receive packets delivered By aerial robots to their balconies in the coming years, the researchers said. ENITEM

Beijing,  Zhejiang, 

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