Hefei, May 23 (Xinhua): Bird -induced energy cuts have always been problematic for the maintenance work of the electricity grid. To solve the problem, a crew of electrical workers sought ways to protect birds while guaranteeing that their work is uninterrupted.

Wu Chunlin, an electric worker in the city of Chizhou, Anhui province of East China, has found joy to see birds and protect their nests while performing his daily patrol along the high voltage electric lines of 35 km.

"There are six bird nests along the way, all built on electric towers about 30 meters from the ground. I am sure there are eggs in the nests because I usually find Two great urracas flying together, "said Wu, who offered to protect these nests.

Chizhou, a city along the Yangtze River, sits in an important bird migration corridor. A total of 350 species of different birds have been seen in the city.

electric lines and transformer substations are also extended throughout the city, through which electricity is transmitted to the Delta region of the Yangtze River, home of the Provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Anhui, as well as Shanghai.

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However, in April, a workstation established in Chizhou seeking to keep energy networks and birds safe. Instead of eliminating nests, electrical workers are advised to leave them intact provided they do not represent a threat to the safety of the electricity grid.

If the nests are in dangerous sections and risk of causing a power cut or fatal injuries to birds, workers will relocate the nests to a nearby safe place, he said Wang Shi, who started the bird protection work station consisting of 61 volunteers, all electrical workers.

With years of experience and observation, they now know how to put artificial Águilas in critical sections that are prone to be interrupted by bird activities.

The group has kept 27 bird nests in energy towers so far and placed a QR code sign at the bottom of each tower, which contains information about the protected birds and the designated nest.

Thousands of kilometers of Anhui on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, electrical workers are also working on new approaches to keep energy networks and birds safe. In the province of Qinghai of the northwest of China, a total of 20 artificial nests made of rattan and straw in safe points in electric towers to accommodate birds have been placed.

Try popular with wild with savage the birds, all "houses" made by man were quickly placed and then hosted baby birds.

"Workers used to remove birds to protect the electricity grid, but now they are trying to protect birds and energy networks at the same time to achieve harmony It is a remarkable movement, "said Guo Yumin, a professor at the Beijing Forest University. ENITEM

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