Hangzhou, March 10 (Xinhua) - The leader of the platform digital payment China Alipay introduced a three-year plan on Tuesday to support the digital transformation of 40 million suppliers service, working with 5,000 independent. software vendors

Simon Hu, general manager of the financial subsidiary of Alibaba Ant financial, made the remarks at the first Conference of partners Alipay held on the same day, noting that Alipay is turning itself into a platform for digital lifestyle

. "We want to build new infrastructure in a service industry digitized by improving on a platform Alipay digital lifestyle," said Hu <. / P>

Marks plan an important milestone as Alipay continues to strengthen its position in China to provide a digital ecosystem open, vibrant users provides a gateway to a style complete digital life

Launched in 2004, Alipay VERs 900 million domestic users and provides eGovernment services in more than 400 cities across the country

". the service sector of China is still in the early stages of digital transformation, and that means it has a huge untapped potential," said Hu, noting that digital technology is helping service providers become more agile and respond effectively to the conditions of the rapidly changing market amid the outbreak of coronavirus

improvements Ali have done pay to further improve the services of daily life, with Multiple sections for services at hand, including delivery and other related greengrocers, supermarkets and pharmacies newly added to the home page of the platform.

Alipay also announced that it has launched a support plan to help marketers make digital updates as well as an incentive program that encourages developers mini- programs

Ma ny mini-programs have been developed on the platform to meet various needs lifestyle of those who are living and working from home and minimize the need for physical contact with service providers

Meicai, one based in Beijing fresh food logistics farmers start connecting with catering companies, was recently hit as restaurants downstream closed due to the epidemic

a mini-program launched fortunately startup grocery was able to make delivery services available to Alipay users and attracted more than 800,000 new customers with orders coming from more than 80 cities across the country

"was not only the traffic that Alipay has provided for us, but also a complete set of services such as technical assistance in the development of a mini-program " p style => Meicai said CEO Liu Chuanjun, adding that only took seven days for "the digital transformation not only helps small businesses to dobl ar the corner. Xibei, a brand of the leading chain of supply in China and one of the first to feel the pinch, received a hand chain of fresh food Alibaba Hema fresh to address staff shortages

China's service industry contributed 59.4 percent of national economic growth, according to the national Bureau of Statistics

despite its importance to the economy, domestic service providers still rely heavily on business models brick and mortar traditional and have yet to fully embrace digital technology to boost efficiency and improve the experience of the customer, according with Alipay

. Meanwhile, there has been a rapid increase in consumer demand for digitized services. In 2019 alone, the number of searches lifestyle services within the application Alipay increased by 300 percent from 2018

. Wu Qingjun, associate professor of the School of Labor and Human Resources of Renmin University of China, said platform digital economy will become the central controller to improve digitized services industry lifestyle

". A development model consisting of large platforms and digitized whole industrial chain will be formed in the future," Wu said. End Follow China.org.cn on Twitter and Facebook to join the conversation.ChinaNews application downloads

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