Beijing Aug. 27 (Xinhua) - Despite a recession caused by coronavirus-looming large for the world, China remains a goldmine for global investors amid efforts tireless of the country to create a better business environment with easier access to the market, more benefits and better services

. According to the business report 2020 Making the World Bank, China has made greater progress in the 2005 period 2020 than any other major economy in terms of facilitating the ease of doing business, with its world ranking reaching 31 position among 190 economies worldwide from 78 in the 2018 report

a magnet with improved BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT

foreign direct investment (FDI) in the Chinese mainland, in actual use, expanded by 15.8 percent year on year in July, marking the fourth consecutive month for the country for FDI growth positive control, accordin g to data from the Ministry of Commerce (MOC)

. Uniqlo, a clothing brand under the group based in Japan Fast Retailing opened 19 chain stores in China in August., Entering six new cities, including Tongxiang, Zhejiang and Jiangsu Danyang

"indicates our confidence in the Chinese market and Chinese economy," said Jalin Wu, marketing Manager of Uniqlo Greater China, adding that the company hopes to explore opportunities in more tertiary and lower level cities

. Uniqlo was not the only example. A total of 18,838 new foreign-funded enterprises were established in mainland China in the first seven months, a vote of confidence in the market

. To encourage foreign investment, China has taken measures Multiple fronts to open its market wider. version of negative lists for foreign investment, which came into force in July 2020 of the country, reduced the number of sectors that are off limits to foreign investors to 33 of 40 in version 2019. The negative list for the FTA pilot also reduced the number of industries prohibited 30 37

. According to the new lists, caps foreign ownership of securities, fund management, futures, insurance companies life and business of commercial vehicles are eliminated, and more opportunities in agriculture, medicine, minerals , fuel, infrastructure and education are offered to foreign investors

the country implemented the foreign investment law milestone on January 1, 2020, providing institutional protection for the interests of foreign investors. Granted access by foreign-invested enterprises to public procurement markets through fair competition and prohibits the use of administrative licensing and sanctions to compel investors and foreign companies to transfer technology

. In Hainan Province, south China, a program of "one stop shop" for international investment was officially launched on August 13, providing one-stop service for foreign investors, and allows companies with foreign capital complete the registration procedure in two working days.

China will help foreign-funded enterprises solve important problems and create, and the business environment a law-based, internationalized convenient, said Zong Changqing a official of the Ministry of Commerce

A cake bigger for everyone

as China modernizes its sector industrial and seeking new growth engines, foreign investors are expected to get a slice of a bigger pie.

China is soliciting opinions on the draft industrial catalog 2020 version in which foreign investment is encouraged. Aims to attract more foreign investment in developing high quality manufacturing, production services, and central and western regions, the project has proposed extending the coverage of investment in sectors such as raw materials, research and development, modern logistics, information services and e-commerce .

The country is promoting the construction of new infrastructure, attracting foreign investors to seize these opportunities, along with national enterprises, in the midst of a boom. industry

French company Schneider Electric signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Chinese giant battery contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd. on August 5, with the intention to cooperate in the fields including smart green plants, new power generation energy, use of a safe energy storage and energy

. Among the 54 foreign-funded projects signed on July 22 in Shanghai, 15 are in the field of new infraest. Construction ructure, covering sectors such as network technology, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, and integrated circuits

The new infrastructure is becoming a new opportunity for foreign companies investing in China amid the global economic recession since the outbreak COVID-19. The huge market is destined to attract foreign companies, said Zhu Keli, a researcher in the new economy with the Development Research Center of the State Council. End Follow on Twitter and Facebook to join the conversation.ChinaNews application downloads

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