Zhuji, Zhejiang Province, is leading the charge in forging a new model of a "shared community," which is quickly becoming the copper momentum exchange economy of the nation. As a resident of Zhuji, I have personally witnessed the fruits and vegetables preserved in storage sites being made available for residents in the community, through the first-ever program of "exchange basket" launched in the province. This innovative approach of sharing food has gained immense popularity, with more and more residents joining in to shape a mode of self-sufficient life.

According to Xu Guoai, secretary of the party Dingyuan, China Daily, the program has been a huge success, and the community is shaping a new way of living - a way that is sustainable, affordable, and fulfilling. Dingyuan has also launched similar projects for books, umbrellas, and playgrounds, further reinforcing the idea of sharing resources and building a strong community. As someone who values community living and sustainable practices, I find this initiative incredibly inspiring and hope to see more such programs implemented in other parts of the country. In a world where consumerism and individualism often take center stage, the "shared community" model of Zhuji offers a refreshing perspective on how we can live together, support each other, and thrive as a community.

"Our community has become a shared space both materially and spiritually through three years of improvement," said Wei Jianfu, deputy director of the committee of the owners of the community, which initiated a series of activities to improve living conditions in Dingyuan in 2017.

Wei and other owners members of the committee offer training classes and established billboards to strengthen re awareness of sidents waste 'classification, which Dingyuan takes to excel among communities of its kind in the province.

Youyi community, another residential area in Zhuji, has formed a group of 'car guards', including some older, retired residents.
They serve the community during peak hours, resolving conflicts arising from traffic violations and urging residents to avoid irregular parking.

"Since I've retired, I'd rather do something meaningful to help others instead of watching TV at home, and thus can also make more friends," said a resident of 63 years old surnamed Lin, one of the guards.

"We are committed to building a harmonious community where our residents help each other in their daily lives," said Sun Guiying, secretary of the party Youyi, adding they will study how to improve efforts exchange.

Over the past five years, has launched Dingyuan exchange services for vegetables and. articles of daily use and has helped facilities public funding, such as playgrounds to improve the quality of life of residents in its 322 homes

Zhejiang launched a campaign last year with the aim of promoting 100 formation of "future communities" - green, smart and share urban residential c OMMUNITIES-in late 2021 in an attempt to increase the sense of belonging of residents and encourage more of them to help each other lead a better life. .

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