Hangzhou, December 17 (Xinhua): Ensartinib hydrochloride, a specific drug for lung cancer developed by a Chinese company, has been available in hospitals and pharmacies throughout the country from Wednesday, according to Wednesday. Its developer Beta Pharma.

The Cancer Center of the Sun Yat-Sen University based in Guangzhou prescribed the medication on Wednesday, first in China.

Lung cancer is the main cause of China mortality and morbidity in malignant tumor diseases, among which approximately 80 to 85 percent are cell lung cancers Non-Small (NSCLC). Anaplastic kinase (ALK) lymphoma, one of the main carcinogenic drivers of NSCLC, can be activated by genetic lesions at a certain percentage of patients with NSCLCs.

Previously, NSCLC patients in China had to rely on imported ALK inhibitors. Ensartinib hydrochloride, as a new generation of powerful ALK inhibitors, represents an important achievement by China in the development of antitumor medications, according to Sun Yan, an academic with the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

At the end of 2018, the Ensartinib hydrochloride was presented for the market request in China, and the medication was officially approved for sale on November 19, 2020 .

In recent years, the Chinese government has committed to accelerate the registration and approval of new anti-cancer drugs and abroad and develop medications Domestic cancer in the substitution of expensive imported drugs that are urgently needed in clinical practice. .

Ding Bieming, President of Beta Pharma, said third-stage clinical research of Ensartinib hydrochloride is being carried out abroad so that patients in other countries can benefit from the future. EndItem

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