BEIJING, April 2 (Xinhua) - China will speed up detection target people infected with the new coronavirus but no symptoms, a health official Thursday Surveillance of asymptomatic infections will be expanded to include close contacts of confirmed COVID-19 patients and asymptomatic patients, outbreaks cluster and key areas and populations at high risk infections, Wang Bin, with the National Health Committee (NHC), told a press conference in Beijing

. medical institutions will, with the help of communities and clinics fever, increased efforts to identify asymptomatic patients and quarantined concentrated at the right time, said

. Chinese health authority has required hospitals across the country and control departments of the disease to take immediate action once an asymptomatic carriers COVID-19 are detected.

Medical institutions are ordered to infections tell your control departments superior disease two hours COVID 19 asymptomatic carriers being found, said Wang

Meanwhile, an epidemiological study that includes a contact investigation should be completed within 24 hours in the departments of disease control, Wang added < p style = ". MARGIN: 0px 3px 15px"> a verified once, asymptomatic carriers will be placed under medical observation concentrated for 14 days and can only be released from quarantine on the results of nucleic acid test two consecutive negative, with an interval sampling more than 24 hours, according to the NHC.

as to the infectiousness of asymptomatic cases, Wu Zunyou, a researcher at the Center for Control and Prevention, said local research conducted in Ningbo Zhejiang province, east China found that the transmission efficiency of mptomatic asy cases is about one-third of confirmed cases.

. Given that there is insufficient statistical data on the infectious period and infectivity of asymptomatic cases, Wu said more research and observation should be performed

with current prevention and control of epidemics, the possibility of asymptomatic cases that lead to further spread of the disease is very low, said

from April 1 the NHC has begun to incorporate information on asymptomatic cases in its daily report to timely respond to social concerns

from the end of Wednesday, a total of 1,075 asymptomatic patients were under medical observation in mainland China, including 226 from abroad, according to the NHC. End

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