Yiwu, a city level in Jinhua, Zhejiang province, asked all its residents to stay at home for three days, starting Thursday morning, to stop the propagation of COVID-19.

at a press conference on Thursday, Yiwu reported 24 new cases at 9 a.m. That brings the total number of infections confirmed from August 2 to 500, said Luo Xiaojun, Vicealcalde.

All public places are suspended, except medical institutions and entities that provide basic daily life needs of people. P>

Zhang Yongmin, deputy director of the Yiwu Health Commission, said a 24 -hour special medical treatment group has been established to administer patients and provide services throughout the day.

The fourth hospital of the University of Zhejiang and the Yiwu Central Hospital are responsible for treating people with red codes or in central quarantine.

for special cases, such as patients who require dialysis, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, as well as pregnant women and people who cannot be diagnosed as patients with COVID-19 in a timely manner, will be transported by negative pressure ambulance to A designated hospital. People who are not infected will be transported to the hospital by car, as organized by the Government.


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